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"Carrying and delivering a child is not easy but raising him/her is a lot more difficult!Ē This is the comment that I hear so many times from many of my new-parent friends. That is true. Whether you are a first time, second time, third time or a want-to-be parent, you always want to raise your child the best you can. It could be very difficult if you donít know where to start, what to do and what to expect. The first years are very important for your child. He/she needs a good and healthy start to develop well in later years. It is never too late to learn about how your child will develop and what to expect. In this website, you will find a complete milestones chart, physical development and behavior development of a child from birth to 36th month old.
Helpful information that you will find in this website are:
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  •    Completed milestone chart from birth to 36th month
  •    Your baby development from birth to 6th month
  •    Your baby development from 7th month to 12th month
  •    Your baby development from 13th month to 18th month
  •    Your baby development from 19th month to 24th month
  •    Your baby development from 25th month to 36th month
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